55+ Safe Driving Program

55+ Safe Driving Program

Register by Phone at 1-888-234-1294 or 320-308-1400 or Online at www.driverdiscountprogram.com



55+ Safe Driving Program – Fee: $24

The 55+ Driver Discount Program is a state approved accident prevention/insurance discount class that is open to the public. This class provides you with a 10% savings on your automobile insurance premiums for 3 years! It is taught by a certified instructor from MN Highway Safety & Research Center and it provides the latest information in regards to driver and traffic safety, new laws, and vehicle technology.  This class has something for everyone!  The fee for the 8-hour initial class is $28 and the 4-hour refresher class is $24.

Pre-registration is required. 

Register by phone at 1-888-234-1294 or 320-308-1400 or online at www.driverdiscountprogram.com

*First time participants must complete the initial 8-hour class to receive discount and should take a 4-hour refresher class every three years after this to maintain their discount.

  • Location: PRB Community Ed Center 990 First St. North, Pine River, MN.
  • Date/Time: July 12th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm       (4 Hour Course Only)
  • Location: PRB Community Ed Center (990 First Street North Pine River, MN. 56474)