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Why Pine River?

PRB is
a family

We’ve served generations of families in the Pine River and Backus areas. Some of our teachers have also taught the parents of the current students. It’s small-town life where everyone knows everyone, life moves slower and we support each other through the ups and downs of life. PRB Schools offers an environment where we get to know students and families. You’re not just a number here; you’re family.

“Relationships are the foundation of all that we do here at PRB.”

Jon Clark, Superintendent

Pine River-Backus Elementary



Avg Elementary Class Size.

Some of the best teacher to student ratios in MN.



Every student k-6 has access to their own learning device. Technology is strong here.


of Students

Report they feel their teachers and school staff care about them as individuals. 

Unique Opportunities


A dedicated science, technology, engineering, arts and math teacher with dedicated lap to challenge students with fun, hands-on tech learning opportunities


A dedicated music teacher for teaching only K-6 students. An uncommon learning opportunity in small schools like our. Songs & Instrument time!

School Forest

Situated next to Norway lake, PRBE's school forest gives students the opportunity for hands on science activities incorporating nature and play.

everyday Exercise

While some schools have cut physical education opportunities for younger students, we still offer everyday phy ed to help keep students healthy and active.

Pine River-Backus Secondary



Avg Secondary Class Size for regular ed students.

Some of the best teacher to student ratios in MN.


CIS Courses

College in the Schools (CIS) courses offer students the opportunity to earn their AA degree for FREE while in high school. 



Whether athletics or arts, PRB has 17 different activities to choose from. Small school means more playing time.

PRB High School

College AND Career Focus

We're here to help students succeed whatever their pathway. Our programming supports college bound students as well as those bound for the workforce


One of the very few rural school districts still offering in-person French language instruction to all high school students. Ici on parle français!

We Care

We work hard to get to know your students. 85% of our secondary students say they feel at least one adult in the building cares about them as a person.

HRS Certified

Level 1 certified by the High Reliability Schools Network which highlights schools whose learning approach follows educational best practices

Want to see for yourself?

Call us to schedule a personal tour of any of our schools. 

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Our 4 year average graduation rate from PRB High School is 89% of students graduate on time. 

Yes. Minnesota’s open enrollment law allows students to enroll from neighboring districts. The only time a non-resident student would not be allowed to enroll is if a cap has been reached related to class sizes. 

We have small schools but students still have the same course opportunities in trades, art, music, or advanced courses as larger schools. We have theater opportunities, a strong youth sports program, and smaller class sizes than our larger neighbors. Our activities and student fees are also lower.

We offer FREE preschool (including free food and transportation) and we have a credit recovery program unlike many area schools. 

Pine River has a noticeably lower cost of living than Brainerd/Baxter and its bedroom communities. You can get more house or land for your dollar. Our city is still large enough to have regular amenities including a grocery store, clinic, dental office, hardware store and more. 

You are still able to easily commute to Brainerd/Baxter if necessary. At some point, the final phase of the 371 expansion project will be completed which includes 4 lanes from Pine River to Jenkins. 

Yes. We offer both visual and musical arts at the secondary level. We have band and choir.

We also offer a theatre programs that does a fall play and spring musical (unheard of for a school our size)

For a listing of athletic activities available to students, please visit our athletics page here

All students K-12 are assigned a ChromeOS device. Students in grades K-2 are a given a tablet and students in 3-12 are given a chromebook to work from. 

We have a single campus making it easier for families to drop off/pick up students. The high school and elementary are linked via a central gym and cafeteria. 

Indoors, we have 3 gyms, a library in each school, a STEAM lab in the elementary, a fitness center and dedicated wrestling room. 

Outdoors, we have a football stadium including running track, 4 ball fields, a school forest, community gardens, and a solar array that helps power the school.