Pine River-Backus High School is a place where ‘Tiger Pride’ is something that we take seriously. This school is one where the teachers want to work with students and students respect each other. We’re proud of our school and our community is proud of us.

That pride comes from knowing each other. We’re a small school where kind and respectful relationships with each other are as important as the curriculum.

How we act and the choices we make reflect on our school, our family, and our community.

Remember, the choices we make every day have much greater impact than we know both for those around  us and our future selves.

Mr. Chris Halverson
Principal, PRBHS

Student Handbook


Do you have a plan for life after high school?

College? Career? Military? 

Mrs. Sigan can help! Contact her for help with college or career choices, financial aid forms, planning tools & more.


Graduate on time

Mrs. Sigan will help you review your course credits to make sure you meet requirements to graduate on time.


Search & Apply

No idea where to go to college? Unsure of how to pay for it? Mrs. Sigan has lots of answers to your questions.


Explore & Prepare

What do certain jobs pay? Do I need training or a degree? How can I prepare for my career? How do I find a job?

Things Looking a little different?

Skyward is now 'Campus'

This summer, in addition to updating our school website , we have switched Student Information Systems (SIS) from Skyward to Infinite Campus. So, all the things you used to go to Skyward for, you now will log into Campus for. This includes forms, lunch account, grades, teacher messaging, etc. 

Schoology, Google, and your other curriculum software have not changed. Only Skyward has been replaced. 

For students, your Campus login username and password are the same as they were for Skyward.

Parents/Guardians will need to create a new account from the portal page which will include a new username and password. 

We have videos available to get you started including: Creating a Parent Account, Adding funds to a lunch account, Verifying my student’s information and Using the Message Service for important alerts.

Ask for Help.
Advocate for Yourself. We will help you.

Jumping into adulthood means asking for help when you need it. You don’t have to go it alone; PRB has ways to help and we care about you!

Whether it’s with stress in your school life or home life, social problems,  missing work, bad grades or something else, we have resources available. The hardest part is just telling someone you need help.

Talk to a teacher, coach or email/see Gina Dabill in the Office. (gdabill@prbschools.org)