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youth sports

PRB Youth Sports exists to teach kids:
  • Fundamental Skills

  • Team Play

  • Good Sportsmanship

  • Focus on Having Fun

PRB Community Ed Youth Sports coaches follow our philosophy when coaching a PRB youth team. No bad behavior, arguing, or taunting of coaches, officials or players will be allowed. 

Current Offerings

Youth Basketball

For 3rd-6th Graders
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Youth Volleyball

For 1st-2nd Graders
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Hoop Group

For 1st-2nd Graders
Coming Soon

Coach Openings

A background check is required Click to Apply

youth enrichment

Current Offerings

Snow Person

For K-3rd Graders

Wednesday 1/5

Build a snow person or pet from various materials including, wood rounds, socks and batting. Then be more creative adding a hat, coat, scarf!
Fee: $10

Mini Basketball & Ring Toss

For K-3rd Graders

Wednesday 1/12

Two fun games to make and take home. Challenge a classmate to play. Take games home to play with your family and friends.
Fee: $10

Card Making

For K-3rd Graders

Wednesday 2/9

Design a card for someone special in your life. There will be material for Valentines, Birthday cards and more! Ink stampers, designer scissors, crimper, rollers are all things to try.
Fee: $10

Nature Club

For 1st-4th Graders

Mondays (1st/3rd) 1/3 - 5/16

Join the HDT Staff for outdoor fun! Meet 1st & 3rd Mondays each month to explore nature through games, activities, crafts, & more.
Fee: $40

Magnetic Habitat

For K-3rd Graders

Tuesday 2/22

Engineer an animal habitat with small figures, magnets and landscape materials. What environment will create?
Fee: $10

Mix Measure Stir

For K-3rd Graders

Wednesday 3/9

Follow recipes to make rainbow stew, playdough and baking soda craters. You can take playdough home!
Fee: $10

Required Forms

community ed classes

learn new skills

Community ed classes are a great way to learn new skills hands on with others from the community. 

Class offerings, times and costs are found below in the semi-annual bulletin we publish and mail to area residents. Click here to view a copy online

driver's education

Driver’s Education consists of completing a classroom course first and then applying for behind the wheel training as a follow-up course. 

Students must be 15 by the time the course starts and there is a course cap. If the cap is met, the youngest students may be bumped to a waitlist if older students apply. 

Registration is online through Campus. Login to the parent portal, click Activity Registration and “New Registration”

adult education

Adult Basic Education in Minnesota provides adults with educational opportunities to acquire and improve academic skills necessary for good-paying jobs. 

Organized & taught via Brainerd Public Schools.

teach a class

We are actively seeking instructors to serve the needs and interests of our community.

Instructors can be volunteers or compensated on a percentage basis. This is a great way to share your time, knowledge and talents with our community. 

Upcoming Community Ed Events

community garden

Call 587-2080 to reserve a spot

Garden is located behind the high school: 801 1st St N, Pine River adjacent to the footaball field

bike rentals

The Cass County Bike Fleet of 31 youth bikes (ages 8 & up) is available for rental through PRB Community Education. This was made possible through a grant by Cass County SHIP. The youth bike fleet is primarily  used by 4 school districts schools in Cass County to facilitate the Walk! Bike! Fun! curriculum in the schools.

For outside groups the fleet has a flat rate fee of $100 per fleet, per week or $25 per evening. They may be rented for up to two weeks at a time. The fleets are available for rental in the evenings or check-out June to August.

Community Education